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Edition 1 | April 2017


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  • Potassium Nutrition in Ornamental Palm Trees
  • Crops with High Sulfur Requirements
  • Potassium Dynamics in Soils
  • Upcoming Events

Potassium Nutrition in Ornamental Palm Trees

Ornamental palm trees are traditionally used for landscaping purposes. They are characteristic of warm temperature environments but they also show wide adaptability depending on plant species. Potassium (K) deficiency is one of the most common problems, which takes long time to recover and it could result in plant death if not treated. A constant K management with split applications helps to provide enough plant nutrients to avoid nutrient deficiencies overtime.

Crops with High Sulfur Requirements

Sulfur (S) is an essential element for plant growth. Its presence and release in soils is related to organic matter content and environmental conditions. Sulfur requirements will vary among crops, with brassicas, legumes, and forage grasses having the highest needs. Sulfate of potash (SOP) is one of the leading fertilizer sources to provide this nutrient.

Potassium Dynamics in Soils

Most of potassium (K) in soils is not available for plant uptake, and its release and availability depends on the interactions between four main K forms: in solution, exchangeable, fixed, and mineral. The understanding of these interactions is important to maintain enough K available for plant growth but also a soil K long term pool. Addition of sulfate of potash (SOP) is a good alternative to maintain K balance in soils.

Upcoming Events

See, which events are coming up next years on our website www.sopib.com/upcoming-events

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