2015 SOPIB Award: “Effect of potassium sources in saline-risk irrigated areas”

Dr. Ricardo Melgar was the winner of the SOPIB Award 2015 for his work on “Effect of potassium sources in vegetables in saline- risk irrigated areas of Argentina”.

The award ceremony took place during the XIII NewAg Conference in New Delhi, India in March, 2015. Mr. Frank Biot, current President of SOPIB, welcomed and congratulated Dr. Melgar. He remitted his award on behalf of the SOPIB Board of Directors.

Dr. Ricardo Melgar is a soil and fertilizer expert. He got his Ph.D. in Soil Sciences in North Carolina State University and a M.Sc. in agribusiness at Buenos Aires University. Dr. Ricardo Melgar is actually posted with INTA, the National Agricultural Research Institute, at the experimental station of Pergamino, as a soil scientist researching on soil fertility and fertilizers and work as a consultant with several companies of the region. He authored several books, scientific papers and extension in several journals. He also participated as a speaker in more than a hundred technical, commercial and scientific meetings.