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The SOPIB Book contains the latest findings on the agronomic and economic advantages of sulfate of potash for a global agriculture. It reviews theoretical principles on the role K and S in soils and plant nutrition as well as practical advice on application methods. Thus, it is a valuable source of knowledge for a balanced fertilization of your crops.

This SOPIB book contains relevant information on K and S fertilization.
Chapter 1. Introduction and Summary: A brief description of the book content.
Chapter 2. Potassium in Soils: Summarizes K dynamics in the soil, forms and factors affecting K availability, and methods of soil testing to estimate K availability.
Chapter 3. Potassium in Plant Nutrition: Reviews plant uptake and functions of K in plant physiological processes, K interaction with other nutrients, stress signals, disease resistance, and plant deficiency diagnostic criteria.
Chapter 4. Sulfur in Soils: Describes S forms and processes involved on S availability in the soil. In addition, describes soil testing criteria to determine S deficiency.
Chapter 5. Sulfur in Plant Nutrition: Summarizes the role of S in plant physiology, deficiency symptoms and critical values in plant tissue.
Chapter 6. Principles on Balanced Fertilization: Condenses the importance of an adequate fertilizer management in crop production.
Chapter 7. Sulfate of Potash Fertilizers: Describes the extraction processes of SOP fertilizer and the grades as solid and soluble fertilizer for crop production.
Chapter 8. Use and Benefits of Sulfate of Potash Fertilizer: Reviews the benefits of using SOP fertilizer for high value crops and SOP fertilizers for chloride-sensitive crops.
Chapter 9. Use of Soluble Potassium Sulfate Fertilizers: Summarizes information in regards to delivery forms of soluble potassium fertilizer either as foliar or trough irrigation for an adequate plant nutrition.

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